Sales Professional Agencies

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Defining a Sales Professional Agency

A sales professional agency is an employment agency that matches sales professionals with companies seeking sales representatives. The hiring company generally pays a fee for this service, although occasionally the fee is paid by the applicant. Increasingly, these agencies are located online and offer a broad base of candidates, from in-house sales reps to top-level sales managers.

A sales professional agency often represents a wide range of sales professionals. Inside sales reps, manufacturers reps, multi-line reps, and sales reps dedicated to one company are usually all represented. With online agencies, sales professionals register their profiles in the database and are matched with employers seeking similar qualifications.

Benefits of a Sales Professional Agency

Using the services of a professional sales agency can save a company time and money. Having an agency sort through the hundreds of applications for those with qualifications that most closely match a company's requirements allows busy executives to concentrate on running their business, not interviewing job applicants. In addition, no time is wasted with less effectual newspaper advertising.

Using an agency that has an online sales professional directory gives companies seeking sales professionals access to thousands of applicants that most likely would not be reachable via traditional newspaper ads. In addition, hiring companies are given just the candidates that most closely match their hiring criteria. This eliminates endless interviews and allows the sales manager to concentrate on those applicants that are most likely to fit his needs.

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