Sales Representation

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Sales representation can take many forms. In-house sale people might handle generated leads by telephone or e-mail. Company-employed outside sales people generally travel to meet existing customers and potential customers in their homes and offices. Independent sales contractors are self-employed sales people who represent a manufacturers' product line. Finally, manufacturers representatives are self-employed business people who represent one or several manufacturers' products lines within a specific territory.

All of these sales representatives are charged with generating new sales and increasing sales to existing customers. In this role, they are the front-line person, the face of the manufacturer. Sales representatives also often represent manufacturers at trade shows, craft fairs, conventions, and home parties.

Why Good Sales Representation Is Essential

Even the best, most innovative, most desirable product will not make money if it sits on the warehouse shelf. A product needs an individual or, more frequently, a team to tell people about it. Communication--describing a products features and benefits--is the first step in selling. Without that communication, very few will buy a company's product. Good sales representation builds relationships and a bond of trust between the customer and the manufacturer.

Good sales representatives interact well with people. They bring extensive product knowledge and enthusiasm to their customers. They also share with customers how they can best use their products to save money or save time. A good sales representative handles any problems that might arise graciously and acts professionally and ethically in all of her dealings with customers.

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