Sales Representative Consulting

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Sales representative consulting firms offer a large and diverse range of services to manufacturers. These services often include a sales representative directory where sales managers can browse through an online listing of qualified potential employees. These directories also allow a manufacturer to post an available job. Sales consulting firms can also create a profile of the ideal sales representative for a specific company as well as recruit, hire, and train those employees.

Services Offered By Sales Representative Consulting Firms

Many sales representative consulting firms also create customized marketing solutions, such as a writing a marketing plans, creating salesperson incentives, creating customer sales incentive plan, and putting together targeted mailing lists. Such firms can also offer assistance with packaging, catalogs, and point-of-purchase displays. Generally headed by former top manufacturing executives, sales representative consulting firms make big-company expertise available to even the smallest company.

Hiring a sales representative consulting firm can save manufacturer money. By relying on the outside firm's expertise, the manufacturer can concentrate on producing an excellent product and let the consulting firm concentrate on how best to sell it. It is also often cost effective to let an outside firm recruit, hire, and train a sales force and not having to hire someone in-house to perform these functions.

A sales representative consulting firm can save a company time. For instance, by qualifying sales candidates, a sales manager saves the time and effort of sifting through possibly hundreds of applicants. In addition, by training the sales staff, the consulting firm frees the sales manager to concentrate on customers.

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