Sample License Agreements

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Most of see license disclaimers and end user agreements every time we flip on a computer and launch a software program. We are in fact and in large part inured to them. Our eyes glaze over. I, for example, tend to roll my eyes and mutter at the screen when I'm forced to check the box that I've read the license agreement and agree to its terms. If I don't do so, the program won't install or download, whichever I'm trying to do.

But while this is scarcely the extent of license agreements, it's a good example. How many of us actually read a license agreement, whether of a Dell laptop, a Whirlpool dishwasher, an Avis rental car, or a Netflix DVD contract? Do we need to read the legal language? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Reading the Fine Print

If we do not, we risk agreeing to terms that we wouldn't tolerate in, as the expression goes, the cold light of dawn. This happened to me, I'm embarrassed to admit, just a few months ago with a legitimate internet-based email vendor. It took two months and several strongly voiced "cry foul" objections to extricate myself from terms I had inadvertently agreed to without reading. To avoid situations like these, companies can use stock license agreements that use clear language.

Reading is the first step. Familiarity with the terms you'll encounter while reading is helpful. More often than not, license agreements are a quagmire of legalese and other jargon. Technical language can be abstruse, making it all too easy to agree to something without realizing it. Let's look briefly at a few of the terms.

Licenses can be either exclusive or nonexclusive, as far as rights to the product or service are concerned, but tend to be nonexclusive. Reference is always made to the term of an agreement, the conditions under which it is voided, and proper payment. Assignment and sublicensing are also typical, but generally prohibited. Restrictions on use of a license are outlined.

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