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Six Sigma Design

Written by Jen Nichol
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Six Sigma design is about developing a new product or service that is defect free. The more effective and efficient your processes, the stronger your bottom line. All-important client satisfaction and market share are intimately connected to stronger quality and process standards.

Six Sigma refers to a statistical term that equals 3.4 defects per million opportunities. Most organizations function and produce at three sigma, which equates to about 67,000 defects per million. Six Sigma results in dramatic improvement in business performance through a focused, effective understanding of customer requirements and the elimination of defects from existing processes, products, services, or plants.

Six Sigma design raises awareness of just how powerful this application is to modern businesses. It has become critical to gain and retain market share by becoming streamlined, efficient, and committed to higher quality standards. Six Sigma design is one of the business process improvements that can take your company successfully into the future.

Six Sigma Design Develops Defect-Free Products and Services

There is a suite of critical modern business process improvements that will take your company successfully into the new era. Among these are project management consulting, team building, Six Sigma design, and customer satisfaction research. The tools to succeed are available to you and to the future of your business.

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