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Six Sigma Methodologies

Written by Jen Nichol
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Six Sigma methodologies can take your company from good to great. Six Sigma is a statistics term that refers to the amount of error in a process. Most companies operate at about 67,000 errors or defects per million opportunities; Six Sigma refers to 3.4 errors per million!

When you can vastly, dramatically, reduce error from your business processes, you improve the bottom line (with gusto!) and increase customer satisfaction. In this era of fierce business competition, client satisfaction will help you gain and retain market share, and let you move the forefront of your industry. Six Sigma methodologies will turn your company into a lean, mean competitor.

Six Sigma Methodologies Provide the Skills to Dramatically Streamline Your Company's Processes, and Improve Profitability

Every company needs to stay on top of every aspect of every process, in order to maximize profit and increase client satisfaction. Other vital applications include team building, project management training, and customer satisfaction research. Your company has an opportunity to participate in these business process improvements, and they will keep your company strong and competitive.

Every company has been affected by the evolution of the modern marketplace. We have had to jettison outmoded, traditional business models, and adopt and assimilate newer, better survival skills. Six Sigma methodologies will take you and your business successfully into the future of business!

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