Successful Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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What Makes A Successful Sales Rep?

Before anything else, a successful sales rep must know his product inside and out and must believe in his product whole-heartedly. Nothing is more transparent than a salesperson who doesn't think his product is worth buying. A successful sales representative must also enjoy interacting with people and communicate well. A superlative product is not going to sell unless someone can tell clients convincingly about its features and benefits.

In addition to passion and knowledge, a successful sales professional needs to be well organized and be able to manage his time well. A sales rep is frequently on the road or out of the office with no one to dictate his time. He needs to be able to best use that time. Computer skills are also useful. Increasingly, manufacturers make their inventory available online to sales reps via laptop computers.

Finding Successful Sales Reps

Because he is the primary link between the manufacturer and its buyers, finding a good sales rep is crucial. The sales rep's enthusiasm, work ethic, and product knowledge can make or break a product's success. To that end, referrals from other successful sales reps or from trusted industry associates are a good place to start your search for a sales rep.

In addition to, or in the absence of, good first-person referrals, a sales representative search directory can also be helpful. This service matches manufacturers with applicants that have similar sales experience and training. Prospective applicants post their qualifications with the directory for no charge and a list of potential sales reps are sent to the hiring company.

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