Worldwide Conference Planning Execution

Written by Serena Berger
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Planning and executing a worldwide conference can be extremely difficult and time consuming. If someone in your organization has been appointed the task of organizing the conference, it would not be surprising if he or she has little time left to do any other work. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the details involved in planning a conference, there are companies that specialize in planning worldwide events. The consultant who is right for you will depend on your budget, your industry, and the location you have selected.

Regardless of who is planning the conference, you will need to make arrangements for accommodations and a location for the conference itself. You may be able to use a conference room within your hotel, but their available rooms may not be large enough for your group. As a result, you may need to find a facility separate from the hotel, in which case you will also need to arrange for transportation to and from the conference center. A consultant familiar with the area in which your conference is being held is a great asset in that regard.

You can negotiate conference rates with many hotels. The rates may depend not only on the regular cost of the rooms, but also on the number of participants who will be attending. As some seasons are more popular than others for conferences, you may find yourself competing for hotel space with other organizations. Consequently, you should look into conference rates at multiple hotels near the conference center and be prepared to book as soon as possible.

Letting Conference Participants Explore the City

Since many participants may not have visited the city in which you are hosting the conference before, you may want to include social events on the itinerary. After a full day of work, you might want to schedule dinner at a local eatery. Alternatively, you could allow time on the itinerary for participants to go out and explore the city themselves. Such breaks will make the conference more appealing, as participants can combine work and recreation into a single trip. A guide or representative from your conference planner may be on hand to help direct people to areas of interest and make sure your employees know about any safety concerns in the area you are visiting.

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