Advanced Call Centers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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When you hear the words “call center,” what do you think of? Cubicles full of weary telemarketers massaging their sore fingertips between dialing? Maybe they’re sleepy, waiting for calls to go through, or gun-shy from reaching answering machines, or hard of hearing after connecting to one too many fax machines. These people are clearly in no shape to effectively sell anything. That’s why advanced call centers today are taking note of the advanced technology offered by predictive dialer software.

Agents in advanced call centers don’t need to waste their time dialing each number one by one, hoping to reach a real person on the other end. Predictive dialer software takes care of that. The computer automatically dials every number in the database, and transfers only “live” calls to the sales staff.

And once they get that prospective customer on the phone, this staff knows just what to do. Right on their computer screen is everything they need to close the call successfully: who they’re talking to, where they are, what time zone they’re in, and if there’s any call history with said person. Is this individual a returning customer? Have they had specific concerns in the past? The advanced telemarketer will know.

Advance to Increased Productivity

A bored telemarketer--who spends more time waiting than talking--is not a successful telemarketer. By the time they get someone on the phone, they may have forgotten the point of the call. Advanced call centers know this, and take measures to keep their staff connected to as many prospects as possible.

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