Appointment Setting

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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If you set your schedule correctly, you can save hundreds of billable hours a year. Indeed, small and medium-sized business owners who are looking to reallocate resources generally do well to hire outside appointment planners. When you pay an external agent to keep track of your schedule for you, your staff gets liberated to take care of more pressing logistics.

What are some tips for smart appointment setting? First of all, don't over book. Even if you have pressing business to attend to, make your schedule at a reasonable pace. After all, an overwhelming schedule can cause stress and distraction, even if you manage to get through your meetings intact. Indeed, studies now suggest that the world's most effective CEOs and corporate managers work on highly regulated and consistent schedules.

Ideas for Smarter Appointment Setting

Second of all, compartmentalize your time. There's so much emphasis these days on multitasking. However, when you split your focus too finely, you end up performing worse on all tasks. That said, there are some people who are intuitively gifted multitaskers, and they can handle the additional stimulation. If you're not one of those select few, however, it makes sense to keep strict compartmentalization.

Finally, put first things first when it comes to your appointments. Figure out who your important clients are, and meet with them as soon as possible. Don't allow pushy secondary clients or ancillary business to distract you from the task at hand. If you follow these reasonable rules, you should find a marked improvement in your ability to get work done within a modest time frame.

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