Automated Dialing

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Automated dialing may seem unnecessary to many telemarketing companies or call centers. After all, how much effort does it take to dial a few phone numbers? Well, if your company is in the business of calling thousands of numbers each day, those are a lot of minutes spent dialing that should be spent selling.

Surveys show that out of every hour, most telemarketers spend only 20 minutes speaking to customers if they're dialing each number manually. Where is the time going? First, if your agents are staring at phone numbers all day long, they will probably make a few mistakes in dialing. Second, not all of the leads on your list may still be valid: your callers can reach disconnected numbers, fax machines, or modems instead of actual people. Third, there are a lot of answering machines or busy signals out there. With these obstacles in the way, it's no wonder those telemarketers barely have time to talk to prospects.

Think about it: if your sales staff is only fully utilizing 20 minutes out of every hour, that's five hours and 20 minutes lost in an eight-hour workday. And that's just one agent. Automatic dialing systems like predictive dialers have been shown to raise "talk time" to nearly 50 minutes per hour, because they sort through the kind of dead ends mentioned above. That's a dramatic improvement that could pay off the very first day.

Double Your Sales Calls with Automatic Dialing

Automatic dialing is also an efficient way to try to reach those leads that first resulted in busy signals or answering machines. These dialers will continue to randomly call any missed opportunities until they can be connected to an agent. By implementing automatic dialing, many telemarketing companies have enabled their salespeople to concentrate on what they do best: talk to potential customers.

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