Call Center Automation

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Dialing hundreds and thousands of phone numbers can take up a lot of time. Physically dialing the numbers, waiting for them to connect--half the time reaching numbers that have been disconnected, or are actually fax numbers, or getting an answering machine--can take up more time than actually talking to the “real” people that are reached. If you’re directing a telemarketing campaign, these are valuable minutes--hours, really--that your salespeople should be using to speak with your customers.

Call center automation can help cut out those wasted hours, so your salespeople have more time to communicate your message. Using predictive dialer software, your computer system can automatically call all of the numbers in your database. The system can then “weed out” dead ends like fax numbers or disconnects, and deliver live leads right to your agents.

But call center automation can offer additional benefits to your company. By keeping track of everything on a central database, you have an overview of your sales progress: how many people are buying, how many aren’t interested, which employees have the highest rate of sales, and which campaigns are the most successful. The system can also delete invalid numbers, so your team doesn’t waste time with repeat calls.

Utilize the "Middle Man" with Call Center Automation

After all, you didn’t hire your call center employees to wait around for calls to go through, or to wear out their fingers dialing numbers. They are there to sell products and services to potential customers. Call center automation can be the “middle man” your company needs to connect more prospects to your agents in less time.

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