Call Center Customers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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As a call center administrator, you have several goals. You want to communicate as much information to as many people as you can. You want your agents to work together as a team to provide the best service. And, of course, you want to attract and retain as many customers as possible. This last goal can be best achieved by reviewing what call center customers want.

What does any call center customer want? If they are calling a company to make a purchase or get help or advice, they don’t want to wait on hold for a long period of time. Today’s business environment can be cutthroat, and smart consumers know they can take their business elsewhere.

Another thing most call center customers want is attentive customer service. It’s frustrating for a customer to call back to get more help, and find they’re talking to a different agent who doesn’t know anything about their history with the company. If an appointment is made for a service representative to call them back at a certain time, said customer doesn’t want to wait around for a late call that may never come.

Call Center Customers--Your Most Important Resource

Your customers’ time is precious--treat it as such! Predictive dialer software can help boost the efficiency of your call center, cutting down on your callers’ wait time. Using this software, it’s easy for your agents to keep a careful history of their calls, so if a return customer calls back, the agent can instantly access who they spoke with last, and what the issues were. If your call center customers know they can count on dependable, timely service, they may stay loyal for life.

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