Call Center Equipment

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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It wasn’t too long ago that direct marketing by phone was stuck in the Dark Ages. You may remember a time when call center equipment was limited to a phone and an operator. Most businesses didn’t even have headsets! Today, modern companies and customers have become more sophisticated and complex, and call center equipment has evolved along with it.

The computer age has brought a revolution to almost every area of our lives. Nowhere has this been more apparent than with our call centers. Predictive dialing software has helped telemarketing companies, customer service help desks, and fund-raising organizations reach more prospects in less time.

One main stumbling block for many call centers has been another piece of modern equipment: the answering machine. With many people screening their calls, agents found they lost valuable minutes of their day contending with those mechanized gatekeepers. Add to this the number of leads that turn out to be disconnected numbers, fax machines, or busy signals, and you can see how dialing numbers by hand isn’t just antiquated these days--it drains time away from agents that should be used speaking to “live” people.

Call Center Equipment for the Next Millennium

Headsets, ergonomic chairs, and carpal tunnel wrist braces are all new equipment that has become part of the modern workplace. But when it comes to call center equipment, nothing has been more of a breakthrough than predictive dialer software. Its automatic dialing feature and lead management capabilities can take your call center into the next millennium, and beyond.

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