Call Center Monitoring

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Why bother with call center monitoring? After all, if your company is meeting its sales quotas or helping hundreds of customers every day, you may assume all is well. But there can be problems that are being overlooked, or ways to further improve your business that can only be discovered through careful tracking.

Call center monitoring is easily facilitated through many software systems today. Up-to-date call centers can record every conversation that takes place between a customer and an agent. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye (or ear) on these archives. If you have an agent who is not following company protocol, it is your responsibility to put an end to it before it affects your business.

Call center monitoring can also encompass the status of calls being placed. Are there too many dropped calls? How many prospects are reaching your sales staff? Is there a wait time before an agent is free to pick up calls dialed by your predictive dialer? If so, you may want to scale down the number of calls that are automatically dialed. No potential customer likes to pick up the phone to hear dead air. They’ll most likely hang up before listening to your message.

Call Center Monitoring Made Easy

Your software system can make monitoring everything that goes on in your call center simple. You can observe the call queue, determine the rate of sales, or check the quality of your employees right at your computer screen. Call center monitoring can help avoid potential problems and spark new ideas to increase sales coverage.

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