Call Center Productivity

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Conducting direct marketing campaigns via telephone has many advantages. You can update customers on special events or new products instantly, just by dialing the phone. Plus, it’s far less expensive than producing a spot for radio or television, or taking out an ad in the paper. If you want to maximize your call center productivity, your goals are clear: you need to reach as many potential customers as possible, as quickly as possible.

One major factor in call center productivity is the amount of “live” leads that are contacted. A typical lead list will contain a certain percentage of numbers that have been disconnected, or are being used for a fax machine or Internet dial-up. Then there are those calls that end in a busy signal or an answering machine. These dead ends tend to eat up a lot of time that would be better served in talking to actual prospects.

Another issue in call center productivity is whether the campaign message is properly communicated. Your agents should not be left to their own devices when they finally get someone on the phone. By creating a script for your employees that says precisely what you want them to say, you can ensure that your persuasive arguments and ideas are being utilized.

Take Call Center Productivity Up, Up and Away

Both of the above factors are addressed with predictive dialer software. This type of software automatically dials the numbers from your lists, and connects your salespeople to the “live” calls. You can also create scripts for their use right on their computer screens, and update them with ease. Assess your call center productivity--predictive dialer software could make it even better.

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