Call Center Recording

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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The idea of recording your call center agents may seem a bit. . .creepy. And isn't it difficult, requiring all kinds of technology? Au contraire--not only is call center recording easier than ever, it's a necessity in today's business environment.

Call center recording is a simple way to check up on the quality of your agents. Are they performing as well as you hoped? If customers lodge a complaint against the company or one of your employees, it's important to have a record of the conversations that have taken place. On the other hand, examples of great salesmanship or excellent customer service are advantageous to have for use as training materials for new hires.

Call center recording can also benefit your employees. If a customer has called with a problem the agent doesn't know the answer to, the agent can transfer the conversation to someone who can help. Listening to the entire conversation is bound to be more helpful than piecing together sketchy notes or secondhand descriptions. Or if a new agent is planning to call a prospect who has been contacted before, it may be helpful to review past recordings.

Call Center Recording Made Easy

Many call center software systems can digitally record conversations and transfer them to a third party with the touch of a button. And at the end of the day, call center recordings are useful in many situations. With them, you can ensure that your operators are following company policy, you can have examples of great work for new trainees, or your employees can use them to enhance their level of customer service.

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