Call Center Services

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Call center services can roughly be divided into two types--inbound and outbound. Inbound services include things like live operator routing, help desk support, tech support, and order taking. Outbound services include lead generation campaigns, fund-raising initiatives, database cleaning initiatives, and website promotion. Some call centers specialize in one type or another; some handle both types.

Inbound call services generally require savvier customer management acumen. Clients phone inbound call centers to register complaints, ask for help, and demand refunds. As a result, they tend to be emotional and scattered; thus, this job requires emotionally intelligent receptionists to dispatch with customer requests in such a way as to leave both parties feeling win-win.

Two Types of Call Center Services

Outbound call service representatives, on the other hand, need to be more outgoing and aggressive. Outbound operators almost immediately find themselves in adversarial positions with respect to their callers. As a result, outbound agents must be careful negotiators and keen listeners. Most importantly, they must have quick wits and thick skin.

The business of telemarketing is particularly ruthless, in that domestic operators face competition both from each other and from overseas companies. In addition, thanks to wireless web technologies which allow clients to get information over the Web in the blink of an eye, telemarketers must react fast if they are to remain relevant in the 21st century. The industry also faces significant regulation challenges.

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