Call Center Statistics

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If you are the administrator of a call center, of course you want it to generate as many sales--or help as many customers--as possible. But it may be difficult to determine where improvements can be made. That’s why it can be so important to keep track of your call center statistics: they can provide a clear blueprint of where your company stands, and provide guidelines for what to do next.

Predictive dialer software can help compile data and run different types of reports. For a telemarketing campaign, important statistics can include the connect rate, the drop rate, how many sales are completed each month, and what criteria their customers share. By looking at their data, administrators can determine which campaigns have been the most successful. If a problem like too many dropped calls is identified, a counter-plan can be formulated.

Inbound call centers can also benefit by keeping track of their statistics. A help center can check to see the most common problems consumers present. This way, if there’s a major flaw in a product, it can be addressed right away. How much time do their callers spend on hold? How many customers can their agents typically handle in one day? A company may discover that it’s time to expand their help center staff, or that they can reduce it.

Check Call Center Statistics--Stat!

A doctor examining a patient will take note of their heart rate, temperature, and reflexes. A smart call center will periodically check its sales rate, customer satisfaction, and employee efficiency. Call center statistics can provide needed the perspective to improve your company.

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