Call Center Technology

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Call center technology has come a long way from the days when an employee had several (rotary-dial!) telephones on their desk. And for good reason: telemarketing is one of the most successful methods of direct marketing. Utilizing the latest call center technology can help your company attract and retain new business.

One big breakthrough in call center technology is predictive dialer software. This type of software calls every number in a database automatically, and connects agents to "live" leads. Because not every call will result in reaching an actual person, predictive dialers will dial more numbers than there are agents: say, if you have a sales staff of 100 people, the software will place 150 calls. This method is more efficient and can produce more sales than having your staff place calls themselves.

Web enabled call centers are the latest development in call center technology. Online sales are the next frontier for many companies, and they are integrating their call centers with their websites for Internet-savvy consumers. Would-be customers can access a business's call center by clicking on a link on the website. This results in real time customer service: the potential customer can get the information or help they need to finalize a purchase.

Heed the Call to New Technology

If you're a telemarketing company who still thinks the headset is the best thing since sliced bread, it may be time to look into today's call center technology. It can save time and money, and increase sales. You may want to check it out on the Internet--these software companies probably have a call center for you to contact.

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