Contact Database Management

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Your contact database no doubt ebbs and flows rather chaotically, as business partners, associates, friends, and relatives change numbers and addresses. Ever since the advent of new digital wireless technologies, it seems like everyone in the business world has been changing his or her contact information every few months. Keeping track of even a small contact database can be exhausting, particularly if you're swamped with other logistics.

Moreover, since we entrepreneurs now carry our contact databases with us in our wireless devices, we run the risk of losing a lot of information all at once. Although most entrepreneurs “hot synch” their data to desktop computers, even that database safeguard can fail. Indeed, unless you synch up your address book weekly, you stand to lose a fair amount of information.

Information on Third Party Contact Database Management

Third party contact database management may be an effective solution. The way database management works is that you submit your information to a service, which stores your data in an encrypted file for easy access. No one but you is permitted to view or tamper with the data, which you can access from any location. If, for whatever reason, your wireless device resets while you're away on business, you can still access important contacts.

How secure are managed databases? The truth is that not all outfits are equally regulated. However, by and large, encryption methods are incredibly sophisticated these days. Even hackers using computers tens of thousands of times as sophisticated as the most powerful models available today would have to spend thousands of years to break even a modest modern encryption algorithm.

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