Dialing Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Many telemarketers and other call centers have been won over by the latest dialing software. It cuts down on agent error (who wouldn't get a little confused after several hours of punching buttons?), and it typically frees up more time for staff to talk to customers. There are two main types of dialing software, each with their own benefits.

The first kind of dialing software I'm going to talk about is automatic dialing software. This software will automatically dial all the phone numbers for your agents, and transfers them once they connect. Automatic dialers will typically dial as many numbers as there are agents, which makes this a good option for a small operation that doesn't want to be overwhelmed by a lot of calls.

Predictive dialing software is similar, but operates on a different principle. Predictive dialers "predict" that a certain percentage of the calls dialed won't go through--they could be disconnected numbers, fax machines, modems, or simply result in an answering machine or a busy signal. That means a certain percentage of agents would have to wait for calls. So predictive dialers dial more numbers than there are agents--say, 150 calls per 100 callers--to help ensure that each representative is consistently engaged. Predictive dialers are a good fit for a large company that can handle a lot of business.

Make the Call for Dialing Software

Dialing software can help your company dial more numbers more accurately. It takes care of a huge amount of "busy work" that could otherwise bog your staff down. You can check out dialing software online, or through software dealers.

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