Intel Dialogic

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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The voice and data software technology of today seems like it came from a magical place. I mean, we have software that makes outbound calls, and can recognize if a human being answers. There are computer telephony products available that I can’t even describe--but they are creating a revolution in how companies do business today. But they’re not from some “magical” place--did you know Intel Dialogic began more than 20 years ago in a place called Parsippany, New Jersey?

A company called Dialogic was founded back in 1983, in yes--New Jersey. Their mission: to create computer telephony products used by communication providers, application developers, and PC makers--otherwise known as OEMs. Many of their products perform functions needed by call centers today: speech recognition processing, conferencing, and voice and data integration. Dialogic was purchased by Intel in 1999, and together they are on the cutting edge of the telecommunications industry.

What does this mean to you, the call center administrator? If your predictive dialer software is powered by Intel Dialogic, you already know what I’m talking about. You have software that can analyze outgoing call status in the blink of an eye, and transfers prospects to an agent after recognizing a “live” voice on the line. You have the ability to digitally record any conversation that takes place. If your agent decides the customer can best be served by another employee, they can transmit both voice and data elsewhere. And don’t get me started about the conferencing options!

Intel Dialogic: Voice and Data Integration for the 21st Century

There’s no stopping it--the telecommunications revolution is here. Software that utilizes Intel Dialogic can perform almost any function you may need. If your call center is stuck in the Stone Age, you may want to take a peek at what’s available today.

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