Lead Generation Companies

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Lead generation companies are professional entities in the business of maximizing customer acquisition. What do lead generation companies do for businesses? In many cases, they simply sell customer data to companies looking to market services or products. Although it may seem that our personal information wouldn’t yield more than superficial hints of our personalities, the truth is that our consumer data often reveal a lot.

Firms pay lead generation companies for access to these data so that they can more effectively sell to us. Yet some lead generation companies take the process one step further. Instead of just selling information, they sell network access. They are able to use advanced networking algorithms to determine the likelihood of customer purchases or leads.

Techniques and Tools for More Effective Lead Generation

Regardless of the statistical footwork you use to contact your customers, however, you still must be able to seal the deal. Customer leads don't mean much if you don't have an effective sales team. Moreover, if you don't deliver on your product or service, you won't be able to obtain subsequent leads from satisfied customers. In other words, cost effective lead generation ultimately comes down to your fundamental business strategies.

That being said, there's a fair amount of psychology that goes into lead generation. Customers by nature don't want to be bothered by solicitations. However, they will respond to advertisements and requests if they are influenced properly. For a good primer on how to make the tools of psychology work for your business, pick up the book Influence by the author Robert Cialdini.

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