Order Taking Services

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Order taking services must process a tremendous amount of customer data quickly. Whereas yesterday’s customers were content to wait weeks for orders and to sit in long phone queues to get service, today’s customers are far more finicky. They want instant online or cellular ordering capacity. They have little patience for talking to customer service representatives, and even less patience for IVR systems.

So what can you do to modernize your order taking systems to encourage brisker customer sales? One tactic might be to ask for customer feedback at the end of every order. While the vast majority of your respondents will likely skip this optional survey, so-called mavens will likely take the time to describe their experiences. Opinion surveys are by no means scientific, but they do give you a sense of the extremes of opinion about your service.

Expediting Order Taking

You don't have to make wholesale changes to your order taking service to yield wholesale changes in customer evaluations. Indeed, simply cutting your waiting time by a few seconds, adding more melodic music, or even employing subconscious audio loops can impact consumer satisfaction responses. Of course, you want to stay within ethical bounds when setting up your call center services.

Although automated services can be effective for taking more orders more quickly, customers with special requests may require human, hands-on service. Thus, it's almost always smart to have a backup live operator system to handle spillover. Your customers are only a few buttons away from making their purchases--pave the way for them by making order taking as easy as possible.

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