Outsourcing Customer Service

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Outsourcing a customer service apparatus to an overseas entity may seem an intimidating prospect at first. After all, although outsourcing your telemarketing enterprise grants you greater control over your resources and consolidates your budget, it also puts part of your operation out of your direct control. When you delegate such an important task to a third party agency, you want to make sure you're going with an effective firm.

Moreover, you don't want to turn off domestic clients. There's a growing movement in the United States against outsourcing, as American laborers, who are frustrated by the flow of jobs overseas, have moved to stanch corporate efforts to outsource. Thus, while you're dealing with the logistics of organizing the outsourcing, you may simultaneously have to respond to intense and compelling arguments made by the labor front.

Efficient International Customer Service Centers

These drawbacks notwithstanding, outsourcing can yield immediate and practical benefits for your company--and for your workers. For one, since you don't have to pay foreign laborers nearly as much to expedite customer requests, you can invest more money into expansion projects and into customer relationship management. Moreover, your efforts should help to raise living standards in developing countries.

In addition, by localizing your telecommunications operation, you expand your global reach. Host countries will likely reward your company with tax breaks and other business incentives. Indeed, once you've established global cachet, you can use that cachet to launch new and more ambitious initiatives on the international front.

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