Sales Call Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Sales calls are the lifeblood of any business that provides goods and services. This is especially true of telemarketing companies--sales calls are their specialty. A good telemarketing manager is always on the lookout to improve sales and approach more leads. Sales call software can help.

One big feature for a lot of sales call software systems is automatic dialing. After all, the computer can dial faster and more accurately than your sales staff. And shouldn't they be concentrating on talking to customers instead of wrestling with the phone system? Predictive dialers can help your salespeople contact even more prospects--on average, they dial 50 percent more contacts than there are agents, as a certain number of calls probably won't go through. It's like enlarging your staff without hiring a single new employee.

But there is a lot more to sales calls than just dialing numbers. Today's sales call software lets agents digitally record each call, and keeps careful history of who they've called--and the resulting outcome. If needed, an agent can transfer both voice and data to another employee. And with the sophisticated technology of today, your agents can conference with a third party, whether they're in another office, another building, or another state.

Get Sold on Sales Call Software

Don't just take it from me--surveys show that software like predictive dialers can increase the time a salesperson spends speaking to clients from 20 minutes per hour to nearly 50. That's more than double the minutes, which can result in double the sales opportunities. Sales call software can help your company maximize sales and minimize downtime.

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