Sales Call Tracking

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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So you’ve set up a telemarketing call center, and have focused on reaching as many potential customers as possible. Now what? The information you gather from your prospects can be extremely valuable. Who was interested? Who wasn’t, and why? Sales call tracking is a good way to gather important data so you can fully analyze your results.

The first step to efficient sales call tracking is to make note of which prospects your agents have called. If there was no answer, they can schedule a time to call again. This can help ensure that no leads fall through the cracks. If your representative did get to speak to someone, they should note what took place. If they made a sale, you don’t want them to accidentally call said customer again the next day. And if the person reached asked to be placed on a “do not call” list, you don’t want another agent from your company to try to contact them.

Sales call tracking can be especially helpful with customers who are on the fence. Many prospects are unwilling to buy on the spot, but ask to be contacted again at some point in the future. If your staff isn’t on top of these leads, you are losing possible sales.

Keep On Top of Sales Call Tracking

If your telemarketing company is keeping track of every sales call, over time patterns may start to emerge. You can determine which campaigns or individuals are the most successful. Or there may be overlooked opportunities to take advantage of. Sales calls can reflect your company’s growth and overall success--keeping track of them can make business even better.

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