Technical Support Call Centers

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Technical support call centers often get besieged by frantic phone calls from users who are stuck with bum computers or industrial operation trouble. Support center operators are old hands at dealing with frenzied callers. The best in the business intuitively employ some very interesting psychological techniques to calm their clients down and help them organize their thoughts.

First of all, they generally let their angry customers rant for a few minutes before interrupting them. Most technical support centers are crowded with long phone queues, and customers tend to be itching for the opportunity to tell someone--anyone--their technical troubles. When operators do customers the courtesy of listening to their full litany of complaints, they automatically assuage the callers’ feelings and calm their tempers.

Providing Tech Support for Anxious Customers

The next step that savvy call center technicians take is to describe the precise process by which technical support will be administered. Not knowing what comes next can be an excruciatingly frustrating experience. When operators take the time to outline in detail what can and can't be done, customers respond graciously. Even if the path to support success is long and riddled with pitfalls, customers appreciate being told what to expect.

Finally, the smartest tech support people understand that customers want help right away. They don't waste time taking information if they don't have to, and they inform callers of potential fees for services up front, so there's no misunderstanding down the line. To review: communication with frantic clients comes down to organization, empathy, and delivering a complete set of expectations.

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