Telemarketing Automation

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Remember the scary movies of the 1970s, where desperate housewives were replaced with robots who cleaned all day, yet always had perfect hair? Back in the day, a lot of people used to be afraid of technology. They worried that it would take away jobs, and make them--the worker--obsolete. Of course, in most cases, it’s quite the contrary: technology has made us faster, more efficient, and better able to concentrate on the important areas of our jobs.

So when I bring up telemarketing automation, I’m not proposing that you replace your agents with mechanical beings. After all, most customers appreciate the human touch when it comes to sales. But there are several everyday telemarketing tasks that can be better performed by your computer system.

Did you know that by using predictive dialer software, you can more than double the time your staff spends talking to potential customers? We have the technology--to make calls faster, better, more informed than ever before! This software automatically dials up every number in your database, and sifts through answering machines, busy signals, and hang-ups to deliver “live” leads to your sales staff. Predictive dialer software then randomly calls back any prospects that haven’t been reached, for maximum coverage.

Activate Call Center Power with Telemarketing Automation

Telemarketing automation combines cutting-edge technology with your human sales force. I’m not talking about creating the Six Million Dollar Man (comes with attached headset and kung-fu grip!). By taking advantage of the best of both worlds, you can superpower your call center. Perfect hair not included.

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