Telemarketing Leads

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Actionable telemarketing leads can mean big business for medium-size companies. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are clueless about how to organize their telemarketing infrastructure such that lead generation is optimized. They merely assign some basic parameters to their support staff and hope that their team managers will be able to pull something out of the air.

The good news is that there are rigorous and methodical ways to develop your telemarketing leads. You need to start with a responsive and organized telemarketing call center. Write up scripts to help your agents capitalize on potential leads, and suggest ways to nurture those leads to sales. In many ways, the process of selling a customer is analogous to the process of taming a wild animal.

How to Capitalize on Your Telemarketing Leads

If you rush the customer with offers, advice, or information, chances are that the customer will flee. After all, more than anything else, the customer wants to be let alone. If you can demonstrate that your actions are in the customer’s direct interest (as well as in your own interest--customers appreciate honesty), you might be able to break through. Create what's known in the business world as a win-win situation.

Why does win-win work when it comes to turning over leads? Part of the reason is that people value sincerity. Customers know that you're coming after them because you want to take their money. Thus, if you try to play coy and cloak your motives as being somehow purely altruistic, the customer won't believe anything you say. Yet if you acknowledge your financial motivation first, you'll automatically earn the customer’s trust.

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