Telemarketing Outsourcing

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Telemarketing outsourcing involves hiring overseas firms to deliver technical and customer support to your clients. American companies generally outsource to developing economies, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and China. Thanks to global optical communications, companies don't have to spend a tremendous amount on infrastructure to set up their telemarketing outsourcing outposts.

That being said, there are certain logistical issues you must face when creating an outsourced telephone bank. For one, you want to employ some strict measure of quality control. Although you may be delegating much of the technical work to your international partners, you want to ensure that the operators who will be manning your phone banks speak English well enough to handle domestic customer complaints.

Saving Costs by Outsourcing Your Telemarketing

Moreover, you want to encourage customer feedback for your outsourced call centers, at least at the beginning. While outsourcing allows you to save on labor costs, it also involves a number of significant start up costs. Some medium-size businesses pool together to invest in outsource call center resources, so that they don't have to go out on a financial limb.

You should budget for updating your international calling center technologies regularly. Given the fact that global telecom technology gets updated once every two years or so, this may mean investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis to keep your overseas call centers up to speed. It may help to invest in high-quality technology early, so you don't have to replace parts as the years go by.

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