Telemarketing Predictive Dialers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Telemarketing companies can get a bad rep today. Some people complain that they call at inconvenient times--early in the morning, or after the kids are in bed. Some marketers offer products without doing the basic research to determine whether the person they’re calling would actually be interested in them. Or sometimes telemarketers accidentally make unnecessary repeat calls after the potential customer has rejected the offer, or--even worse, after they’ve made a purchase. Telemarketing predictive dialers can help organize and focus your telemarketing campaign to sidestep these common complaints.

A sophisticated predictive dialer system will enable each agent to access crucial information about the people they call. For instance, what time zone they’re in. Calling someone at three in the morning is not the best time to get them to purchase anything--except maybe a good answering machine. And with predictive dialer software, you can choose your leads based on specific criteria, so your salespeople aren’t stuck trying to sell parenting magazines to a single childless adult.

Predictive dialer software will often randomly call back numbers who didn’t connect on the first try. This is a great way to reach as many people as possible. But on the other hand, you can set a maximum number of attempts--there’s no point in calling a number 20 times if the prospect simply isn’t interested.

Dial Up a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

As an additional benefit, telemarketing predictive dialers can nearly double the time your agents spend on the phone--without doubling your staff. Using a predictive dialer to sift through dead ends, your salespeople can spend up to 50 minutes per hour doing what they do best--talking. Compare that to only 20 minutes per hour with manual dialing. You can plan your next telemarketing campaign intelligently and reach more prospects efficiently with telemarketing predictive dialers.

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