Telemarketing Services

Written by Andrew Kozlov
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Telemarketing services offer unique opportunities to contact new customers, respond to the needs of current customers, and provide a fresh face to the public. Telemarketing has proliferated rapidly over the past 20 years--particularly since the advent of web based communications. As more and more people conduct business virtually, the domain of telemarketers is expanding.

At the same time, the telemarketing industry is facing stiff competition from web based marketing services. Some telemarketers and web marketers are combining to create powerhouse multimedia advertising conglomerates. Others are carving out specific niches in the telemarketing industry to stay competitive with international companies. Still others are fighting for the grand prize--control over the developing telecom markets.

Telemarketing as a Cultural Phenomenon

What's curious about telemarketing as a social phenomenon is that telesales involves far fewer dimensions of communication than does traditional, in-person marketing. Operators and clients don't meet directly, don't interact for more than a few minutes at a time, and never again speak. As a result, there's often a tremendous disengagement between operator and client, a disengagement which can lead to trouble for both parties.

The best telemarketers bridge that disengagement by emphasizing the human connection. They are able to reach across the phone lines and tap into a fundamental psychic link. Of course, some marketers are more intuitive than others about how to achieve this “mind meld.” There are tried and true techniques for improving over the phone communication which can help even the most tongue-tied salesperson achieve success.

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