Telemarketing Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Are you thinking about starting up a telemarketing campaign, but are worried it will be too complicated? After all, keeping track of thousands of numbers can be intimidating. Plus there are hundreds of sales calls to track, scripts to write for different campaigns, and follow-up calls to schedule. Have no fear--there is telemarketing software today that can perform all these tasks, and more.

Most telemarketing software systems today will even do your dialing for you. There are automatic dialers, which dial numbers when agents are available. These are suitable for a small business that can't handle a lot of calls. Then there are predictive dialers, which dial ahead--they "predict" that a certain percentage of numbers won't connect, and anticipate when agents will be free to talk to new prospects. This type of dialer is great if you have a large staff to keep busy.

But the telemarketing software of today can do a lot more than just dial numbers. With a good software system, you can start or stop phone lines by clicking a button. When a number connects, the computer will show who your agent is talking to, where they are, which campaign they have been targeted for (complete with script), and the status of the last call to said individual.

Direct Marketing Made Simple with Telemarketing Software

If you're nervous about implementing a call center, telemarketing software can alleviate a lot of your concerns. There are many systems that are software-only solutions, so you don't have to worry about buying extra equipment. And tracking sales calls and creating reports can be a snap. Telemarketing software can make it easy to embark on your next big adventure!

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