Telemarketing Systems

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If you are in charge of a call center or telemarketing company, you may not know the advantages of telemarketing systems. After all, how long does it really take to dial a few phone numbers? Can’t you just split up your lead list between agents, tell them what to say, and leave it at that? The truth is, there are many telemarketing systems available that can save your company time and money, and can generate new business.

You may not realize this, but taking the time to manually dial hundreds of phone numbers isn’t just boring--it can waste nearly half the day. After all, how many phone calls will actually go through to a real person? In this day and age, people install additional phone lines for fax machines, computers, and more. And don’t tell me you’ve never heard of someone using their answering machines to screen calls. With all these obstacles to contend with, you’ll be lucky if your salespeople spend 20 minutes out of each hour actually talking to customers.

Automatic or predictive dialer telemarketing systems can help your staff do much better. These systems dial numbers and screen through calls, discarding dead ends and transferring “live” leads to the next available agent. Even if your staff is dialing as fast as they can, they can’t beat a predictive dialer, which will dial many more calls then there are agents, as they “predict” a certain percentage of those calls will be invalid.

Save Time, Money with Telemarketing Systems

With a good telemarketing system in place, your sales staff has more time freed up to speak with prospects. Not only can they reach additional people, but they’ll have more time to fully communicate your message. The only bad news? You can probably reduce your staff and save even more!

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