Web Enabled Call Centers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Call centers are used for several purposes. There are outgoing call centers, or those who call out to potential customers and solicit business. The other major type of call center is the incoming call center--for example, a software company who has set up a number for their clients to call in for help and customer service. But many people prefer to get help right online, rather than over the phone. With more and more purchases and business occurring on the "World Wide Web," many companies are starting to convert to web enabled call centers.

A lot of people surfing the Internet today are extremely savvy. They may not be willing to make a purchase online without speaking to a "live" person, or the ability to receive real time customer service via the company's website. According to surveys, between 25 and 75 percent of consumers fail to complete an online purchase because of these concerns.

With a web enabled call center, a shopper can click on a link on the web page they are browsing to reach an agent. If they have a microphone and speakers installed, they can talk to a representative right through their computer. This human touch can help reassure the potential customer, and he or she can resolve any questions or concerns they may have.

Spin a Web to Catch More Customers

Let's face it, the idea of calling a company for help and waiting on hold for an hour or more isn't a pleasant prospect for anyone. Plus, getting help over the phone can get confusing. If you, say, have a problem with your computer, wouldn't it be faster and easier if they were telling you what to do at your computer? Innovative companies are integrating their customer service departments with their websites to create web enabled call centers.

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