Accounting Software Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Accounting software checks were invented to make business accounting easier. They not only help you print your own checks, but also enable you keep track of your transactions. Vouchers go hand in hand with laser or inkjet checks to give you a hard copy backup of your computer or online bank transactions.

Printing checks from your office computer saves a bundle of time--hundreds of hours each year. Imagine what your accounting staff could do with the time saved! You'll also save money on check printing fees, and be able to keep tighter control over the checks your company writes.

Splitting the Tasks

For example, in order to keep your check writing process secure, you could split the tasks so that no one person has the authority to write a check from start to finish. One person could handle the check register, while another person's printer does the printing. Still another person would need to have the key to the closet where the check stock is stored. Finally, if your company is small enough, the person who signs the check could sign it by hand instead of allowing the computer to do it.

Dividing the tasks this way also limits the burden placed on each worker. That way, your staff members can focus on their other tasks when they have completed their involvement in the check writing process. This not only keeps your checks safe from forgery, but also keeps the accounting process in your office simple and straightforward.

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