Business Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Business checks are one of the first things you will need to get when you start a new business. Without an account, you won't have a good way to keep records and pay for things. In fact, business checks often come with registers that will help you keep track of your expenses, if you like to do that on paper.

If not, there are also checks you can buy that work with accounting software, such as PeachTree or QuickBooks. They are business checks that you feed into your computer's printer to print the payee and amounts. That way, you can do the checks yourself, and still have them look professional.

Styles of Business Checks

Checks for business come in several different styles. For traditional, hand-written checks, you can purchase wallet-style checks that look similar to your personal checks. Or, you may choose a binder system that has a register sheet attached to every check, so you can easily keep track of your balance. They often come three checks to a page. You can usually have your company's logo printed on them.

Payroll-style checks have a stub on each check where you can record the amount of taxes and deductions you take out of your employee's pay. Or, you can choose to keep track of your expenses electronically, and print the financial information onto your checks with a computer. If you choose to get computer checks, there are different styles and colors of those as well.

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