Check Printing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Check printing has come a long way in recent years. Businesses and people with personal checking accounts are personalizing their checks more than ever. Banks are no longer the only source for check printing; nowadays check printers service consumers directly. This can save you a bundle and speed up the process of receiving your new checks.

No matter what your interests, there are checks to fit your own personal style, or your business or industry. Check printing reflects your personality as well as your interests, allowing you to express yourself just by writing a check. What was once a routine household or accounting task has become fun.

Personalized Check Printing

If you have a favorite photograph or a recent event you would like to share with others, you can now submit it to your check printing company to have it put on your checks! This way, your checks become even more personalized. You can put pictures of your children, your pets, or your wedding on your checks and share them with everyone to whom you write a check.

In the past, you had to mail or phone in orders. But today, you can order checks online with the click of a mouse. Preview designs, choose fonts, colors, and styles, and even order address labels or checkbook covers online. It takes only a few minutes and you don't have to deal with annoying sales people either.

By keeping prices low, discount check printing companies allow consumers to choose their own style of checks for less than it would cost to go through their banks. Since banks don't specialize in check printing, they are notoriously slow at ordering and shipping checks for you. Discount printers, on the other hand, can process your order almost immediately, and you can have it within a few days to a week.

Saving Money With Check Printing

With bank fees so high these days, ordering discount checks directly from the printer is another way to save money. Banks are in the business of lending money, so why pay them extra fees when you don't have to? You're probably already paying too much for your bank account, so save money by buying checks directly from printers.

The checks you buy from printers are as valid as the ones your bank sells you. In fact, many of the same companies that banks buy their checks from are the ones that will give consumers a discount. Check printing is not a difficult process; as long as the company has the right equipment they can be in business rather easily. Yet very few banks print checks themselves.

There are basically two types of checks, traditional and computer generated. With traditional checks, you fill them out by hand or on a typewriter. Computer generated checks are designed to work with popular financial software like Quicken or Microsoft Money. You fill them out with the software, then feed them into your computer's printer to be filled out. Either type can be purchased directly from a check printer.

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