Checkbook Covers

Written by Linda Alexander
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Checkbook covers are designed to hold checkbooks and check registers in one organized place. They often consist of a plastic folder with slots into which the checkbook and register fits. Banks give them away for free with every check order, but you can also order specialized checkbook covers.

Hobby or Sports Checkbook Covers

If you have a particular hobby or a favorite sport, there are covers made with different motifs on them. Some check printers sell customized covers that coordinate with the design of your checks and check supplies like address labels. That way, your whole bill-paying system can be coordinated with some aspect of your personality, like your favorite color.

Materials that checkbook covers are made of also differ. There are clear plastic covers so that you can see your register cover through them. There are covers made of every textile imaginable, from leather to hemp to embroidered fabrics.

Some covers are more durable than others, due to the material they are made of. If you need something durable, you might also consider getting a wallet that holds your checkbook. Then you won't need a cover for your checks at all, since they will fit right into a slot in your wallet, much like your credit cards and driver's license do now.

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