Computer Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Computer checks can really streamline your household or business accounting procedures. Instead of writing single checks painstakingly by hand, one at a time, you can now print checks in batches on your personal computer. It's never been easier than now to print your own checks.

Computer checks also cut down on fraud and mistakes, because they are printed legibly. There is no need to decode scribbled handwriting, and because the printing is done by a computer, you probably already checked your figures before you printed the checks. Whether your company is a one person business or a large corporation, printing your own checks is beneficial.

Software for Computer Checks

Computer checks are designed to work with most accounting software, like PeachTree, and personal finance software like Quicken. If you're in doubt as to whether certain checks will work with your particular software, call the check printer and ask. A customer service representative will be able to help you find checks that are compatible.

Printing checks with your personal printer saves time and it also saves money in the long run. You'll make fewer mistakes and won't have to void very many checks. Also, since the computer keeps track of your balance, you won't lose money by making mistakes with your math. So streamline yet another task by letting your computer help you.

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