Computer Printed Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Computer printed checks allow you to do it yourself when it comes to printing checks. Instead of buying printed checks from software companies, which cost a bundle, line your own pockets with check-printing software. This type of program does the printing for you, and prints checks on paper that you can get at just about any office supply store.

If you move a lot, or switch banks often, you might want to consider printing your own computer printed checks. This way, you will save money on the cost of checks, since you won't be wasting them anymore. You will also save yourself the hassle of ordering preprinted checks again and again each time you move or switch banks or accounts.

Software for Computer Printed Checks

This software comes with different templates for checks that you can either fill in by hand or print from your computer. You can choose from different check sizes, and add different backgrounds. Where you used to need to print with magnetic ink for bank processing machines, many banks today use optical imaging equipment, meaning that you don't even have to use special ink any more.

For computer printed checks, you can also buy paper with security features built into it, and it will still cost you about half of what it costs for preprinted checks. If you like to do things yourself and you like to save money, this may be the way to go. Of course, you should still keep an electronic check register in a financial software program like Quicken in order to keep accurate records of the checks you print.

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