Double Window Envelopes

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you are still addressing your envelopes by hand, or even using address labels, there is an easier way. Double window envelopes are available that fit your checks. You simply insert the check into the envelope, seal it, and mail it. No addressing is required.

The addresses on your checks will show through the envelope. One will be the payee, to whom you have addressed the check. The other will be your return address, which coincidentally is printed in the upper left hand corner of your check, right where it would go on an envelope. The window envelope shows the address on the check, so there is no need to print it twice.

Lined Envelopes for Privacy

Double window envelopes also come lined. If you are concerned about security, and most people are, this is a good option. The letter carrier and recipient can see the addresses, but nobody will be able to read the check through the envelope. The lining will make it opaque, and no light will pass through to highlight the amount of the check.

Once you try window envelopes, you'll be looking for excuses to get rid of your regular envelopes. You will want to stock up on the kind with windows. You'll soon be wishing that all of your correspondence fit into these envelopes; that is how convenient they are.

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