Inkjet Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Banks need to have some control over the quality of their customers' checks. That is why they have standards in place as to the size and shape of checks, as well as the thickness of the paper they are printed on. It is true that a check written on a t-shirt or on toilet paper can be legal tender if written properly, but this really is not practical.

When you order inkjet checks, usually all you need is a voided check from your current account, and possibly a deposit slip. This is so the printer can verify the placement of numbers and symbols so your checks and deposit slips work with your bank's scanning equipment. When printed properly, the items can be scanned in about three seconds. If not, they have to be sorted by hand, which costs banks millions of dollars a year in lost productivity.

Purchasing Inkjet Checks

You do not have to use checks from your software company. Many online printers sell checks that are compatible with popular software programs like Quicken and Microsoft money. They will work on inkjet printers, laser printers, and even on dot matrix and daisy wheel printers. Whatever kind of setup you have for your computer, you can easily print checks at home.

Routing numbers are perhaps the most important codes on checks. Before you order checks, and after you receive your order, verify the routing number. Call your bank before placing an order to make sure you have it right. After you receive your preprinted checks, be sure to double-check the routing number to verify that it was printed correctly.

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