Intuit Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Intuit sells checks that are compatible with their financial software packages, such as Quickbooks and Quicken. If you use one of these programs, you can very easily print your own checks right from your laser printer using checks you purchase from Intuit. However, there are many other printers who make checks that are designed to work with the same software. In fact, the competition means that you can often find better deals elsewhere.

Pitfalls of Check Writing Software

One common problem users of check writing software have is that their checks are not compatible with the software. When you order check stock or preprinted checks, make sure they are the right size and shape for your software. Let the printer know what application you are using so you are sure to purchase the right checks.

Another common pitfall is that window envelopes don't always fit the checks. Sure, the checks will fit inside the envelopes, but the windows might not match up with the addressed printed on the checks. This makes them a waste of time, since you will have to print labels for the envelopes and have also wasted money on useless envelopes.

It is best to buy window envelopes from the same place where you buy your checks. Then you can be sure that everything will line up properly. If you don't, you are risking a waste of time and money because your checks and windows might not line up properly.

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