Microsoft Money Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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When you use Microsoft Money to write your checks, you can keep an accurate record of every transaction you make in your investment and bank accounts. You can even connect with your bank online to download data. You can print checks to pay your bills with or pay bills online. It's a great way to track your cash flow and household finances.

Advantages of Printing Your Own Checks

Printing your own checks on a laser printer has many advantages. They are less expensive than checks made for dot matrix printers. You can use one form for all of your accounts if you use blank check stock and print the bank names and account and routing numbers yourself.

If you switch banks frequently, you will also save money on your checks because you won't be wasting stacks of pre-printed checks and deposit slips. Instead of throwing out your unused checks when you change accounts, you can just use blank check forms for all your accounts.

Printing checks with Microsoft Money also keeps you more productive. You will no longer have to write them by hand, and computers print faster than you can write. Instead of waiting for a month or more to have your checks printed with your personal account information, you can order blank check stock and have the order processed within 24 hours. Then, when you need to pay a bill, you'll have checks at your disposal anytime.

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