Patriotic Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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For those people who are devoted to their country and want to show it, there are patriotic checks available. As with other designs, patriotic checks help you to express yourself each time you pay for something with a check. You can choose from many different designs that incorporate the red white and blue, and let everyone know how proud you are to be an American.

Beyond Patriotic Checks

Patriotic checks are not the only custom designs you can get, however. No matter what your personality, you are sure to find checks that match your personal style. There is everything from sports, to pets, to hobbies, to rock bands. If you choose, you can even put your own photographs on your checks, and share your pictures with everyone.

Payment methods have changed so much in recent years that it's hard to keep up. Nowadays, many people print their own checks right from their computers. Usually, this requires that you buy specially pre-printed checks, and with your financial software, you fill in the amounts on the checks and let your computer print it.

There is also software that lets you design your own check from scratch and print it out--you no longer even need to have your account number preprinted on the paper with special ink. Many banks are using optical equipment to read the check data, making the magnetic ink obsolete. Whether you choose to buy checks with the American flag on them, fill in the blanks with financial software, or print your own checks from scratch, you have your choice of ways to pay for things with checks.

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