Peachtree Computer Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Peachtree computer checks have been an industry standard for many years. Lots of small businesses around the country use Peachtree to keep track of their business accounting, and use the computer checks to print payroll and expense checks. Even though there are competing software packages, Peachtree is still a popular choice among small businesses.

You can probably order Peachtree computer checks directly from the manufacturer, but you might save some money by ordering through a discount check printer. Companies like these can be found online, and they are really easy to order from. If you buy your checks in bulk, you will save even more money.

With Peachtree computer checks, you will probably need a mid-voucher style check. This is where the check is in the middle of the sheet, and there is a voucher at the top and bottom of the page. Checks like these are compatible with Peachtree, and can be found at purchased through various check suppliers.

Colors and Designs for Peachtree Computer Checks

You will be pleased to know that you can also add a logo to your checks, and choose from among several colors, including designs. You can use a different color check for your different bank accounts. To print, you just feed the sheets into your printer, and Peachtree print the checks out the way you have set them up. Why waste time and risk errors by writing checks by hand? If you use Peachtree, you very well might want to try using Peachtree checks.

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