Personal Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Personal checks are still pretty popular, even with the growing popularity and acceptance of debit cards and online shopping. Carrying checks around is seen as safer than carrying cash, and you don't hear as much about check fraud as credit card theft. Plus, with today's wide range of designs, personal checks are quickly becoming a popular way to express your individual style.

Personal checks come in designs from everything to animals to art, and are sold by banks, check printers, and charities as fundraisers. Whether you like bright colors or pastels, like cartoons or photos, or want fancy fonts or block letters, you can have them on your checks. With so many discount check printers online, ordering personal checks has never been faster or easier--or cheaper.

Buying Personal Checks at a Discount

Discount check printers are the fastest way to get new checks. While banks, which rarely print their own checks, are notoriously slow, with a check printer you can have your order within a matter of days. Or, they can be shipped overnight if you're desperate.

No matter what you are shopping for, I recommend that you shop around for the best deal. The same goes with buying checks. It might be more convenient to order checks from your bank because you're there every day, but buying directly from a check printer can save you money and time. So consider it the next time you need to order checks.

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